Add Stylish, Durable Flooring to Any Room

We can refinish or replace hardwood, tile or luxury vinyl

Installing new flooring is one of the simplest ways to transform a room. If you've had the same scuffed and faded floors for decades, it's time to hire the pros at Hammer Time Construction for floor refinishing or replacement services. We have decades of experience working with hardwood, vinyl and tile flooring.

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Choose the right flooring material for your needs

Choose the right flooring material for your needs

Can't decide on which type of flooring will be best for your kitchen or bathroom? We offer multiple options, including:

  • Hardwood - timeless beauty that can last through multiple generations
  • Tile - endlessly customizable with superior water resistance
  • Luxury vinyl - mimic the look of hardwood for a lower cost and greater durability

Tile and vinyl flooring are both excellent options where you expect a lot of water and moisture. Hardwood will look fantastic in just about any room in your home. Discuss the options with a specialist from our team today.