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We can help you restore your property after hailstorms leave it battered and broken.

We tend to think of icy weather as something that’s only a danger during the winter months, but if you live in South Carolina, you’ll likely experience another form of icy weather that’s common during even the hottest summer months: hail. When Mother Nature unleashes her fury on your Fort Mill, South Carolina home, our team here at Hammer Time Construction LLC is ready to provide the hail damage restoration services you need.

Hail Damage Restoration in Fort Mill, South Carolina

Hail is formed by the turbulent winds in a thunderstorm blowing raindrops upward into the cooler portions of the atmosphere, where they freeze. They can repeat this process numerous times, forming hailstones ranging from pea-sized pellets to chunks as big as a golf ball or larger. These hard, dense hailstones can wreak havoc on your property, leaving behind dents, scratches, and even holes in your home.

We’ve been in the construction industry for well over a decade, and we’ve seen the damage that hail can do. We’ll assess the damage and provide you with a custom quote for the work that needs to be done, making sure to answer any questions you have. Once you’ve approved the quote, we’ll schedule your hail damage restoration as soon as possible. Our team will work quickly and carefully to restore your property to its previous condition or better after a hailstorm rolls through, allowing you to get back to life as usual without worrying about long-term damage to your home. We also have plenty of experience dealing with insurance companies and can assist you with making a claim so you can get the compensation you deserve.

Contact our office to learn more about hail damage restoration or any of our other restoration services. We look forward to helping you restore your property to its previous glory after a severe weather event.